• To produce competent Engineers and Professionals to meet the needs of industries in the context of Global Scenario.
  • To offer updated curriculum, allowing our graduates to exploit emerging opportunities efficiently.
  • To orient the students to involve themselves in various research and developmental activities.
  • To provide opportunities to simulate the real world in a lab environment using latest software tools.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a core discipline devoted to study of principles of electricity to develop machines, devices and systems, has significantly affected the quality of life. Its study continues to be an exciting proposition. Per capita consumption of electricity is still a measure of any country's development. The fast depletion of fossil fuels and degradation of environment has opened the doors for clean and non-conventional energy resources. Further, the ever growing demand for power and the integration of utilities into national grids brings in complexities that today's engineer should be equipped to meet. These are the focal points of this program.

  • Basic Electrical Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Digital Electrical Machine Lab & etc