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Academic Value

The academic values shall be given utmost importance with an aim of providing a comprehensive and relevant technical education. The teaching methodology shall include the lecture method of teaching, tutorials, workshops, plant visits for industrial exposures and extensive use of audio-visual facilities.

Engineering is a design oriented activity and engineering design is the most important in the education and training of an engineer. So, the design content in the curriculum will be substantiated. Teaching of design methodologies and problem solving approaches will form essential features of engineering education.

In addition, the major thrust shall be given to computer-aided learning along with a accessibility to internet for instructional purpose.

Recruitment Strategies for Attracting & Retention of Faculty Personnel for Excellence, Promotional Avenues, Career ladder

The recruitment strategy of the institute shall be as per AICTE norms and adhering to UGC/ AICTE scales and guidelines. The faculty personnel shall be recruited on the basis of the qualification and experience required to teach, conduct research, undertake consultancy activities and participate in institution building activities.

The faculty shall be provided ample opportunity for self-learning and self-development to enhance their knowledge and experience with latest development in the field of interest.

Teachers will be provided with opportunity to improve their qualifications through quality improvement programmes. The opportunities will be provided for pedagogy and professional training.

The faculty will be encouraged for their involvement in a large number of research and consultancy projects for the industry. This will help in both gaining useful industry knowledge as well financial earning.

A positive competitive environment shall be instituted for the faculty members to sharpen their knowledge and career growth.

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